The DoV-Z ROBOTT's origin, aside from "Star Wars" timing, was meant to demonstrate my very personal reaction to the boorishness of most "performance art" of the period (1979 - 1983). These little buggers lent an expensively expansive pliancy to:
(1) reflexive reaction animation possibilities of CURRENT international politics (substantiating how LITTLE time changes events except for the characters).
(2) my conceptual concerns about human-scale relatedness to object familiarities without regionalist narrative extrapolations being necessary. More discussion about the ROBOTT's performances will be found at the variouis Series Description categories.

There will be at least two views of each ROBOTT,
FOUR IMAGES PER WINDOW .... scrolling may be necessary. Some images can be enlarged two times, simply click on the image itself to enlarge.

HJ BOTT  transparency
Performance ?!! projection
1979 ©™ through 1985

This was used throughout the performance and exhibition history of the DoV-Z ROBOTTs ™ in screen projections, programs, brochures.

HJ BOTT  35 mm transparency
DoV-Z ROBOTTs ™ 2ndary logo
approximately 1981 ©
35 mm transparency
varible in use

This was a "concurrent" collaboration with Sheridan (Sam/Calvin) Smith. Used in all media, principally on large screens and in fluff promotion materials. NOTE that each ROBOTT ™ represents a specific discipline and would comment about the inherent problems. Collection of the artists.

HJ BOTT  mixed
MICRO (a stayabott)
January 1979 ©
6 x 6 x 10"

A sculpture representing Geological Field Analysis holding a report on Food, Mineral, Fuel, and Water degradation/needs of the planet in 1978.
This was the catalyst for building the entire DoV-Z™ family (originally intended to be 32 ROBOTTs™) with the intent to make them at least parabots (radio controlled) commenting on our world-wide labyrithian politics.
HJ BOTT  mixed
JERRY (stayabott)
8 x 9 x 13"

JERRY, as a sculpture, is named in tribute to our friend, former Skylab Commander, Astronaut Gerald P. Carr. The simulated disciplines for this ROBOTT™ are that of Oceanography and Climatology
of the planet's Aether anticipating dire global warming conditions.
Private collection

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